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Programme and Module Handbook

Undergraduate Programme and Module Handbook 2017-2018 (archived)

Module MUSI3621: Performance 3: Recorded Performance Project (single)

Department: Music

MUSI3621: Performance 3: Recorded Performance Project (single)

Type Tied Level 3 Credits 20 Availability Available in 2017/18 Module Cap Location Durham
Tied to W300


  • MUSI2711 Performance 2: Practice as Research, or in exceptional cases, MUSI1241 Performance 1: Listening and Performing and passing an audition in Easter term to the satisfaction of the module leader.


  • None.

Excluded Combination of Modules

  • MUSI3672 Performance 3: Public Performance Project.


  • To develop skills in presenting musical ideas through recorded performance, including repertoire selection and ‘profiling’ of the individual’s musical strength.
  • To employ practical and intellectual skills appropriately and effectively in the preparation and delivery of performance. These skills include an ability to communicate music with technical competence, knowledge and understanding of the repertoire of the chosen instrument or the voice.


  • Each student will choose a 30 mins programme of performance that will be assembled and submitted as an audio compact disc with written sleeve notes and a 1500 word essay, contextualising the chosen programme providing an opportunity to engage with the project from an academic perspective, enabling students to gain a multidimensional understanding for the chosen matter.
  • The performance will comprise her/his own performance on her/his chosen instrument. The content of the project will be decided in consultation with a tutor, and must be approved by the module leader. This module is about improving performance skills through repeated listening to one’s own performance. The Department will provide a recording facility and technical assistance for a set number of hours per student, and the recordings submitted must be produced within that time allocation. The module is based on independent study, and supported by regular individual tutorials and group seminars. Individual instrumental tuition forms part of the learning.

Learning Outcomes

Subject-specific Knowledge:
  • Students will gain practical and critical understanding of how to prepare for and what is involved in a successful production of a recorded performance. Through work on performance with an accompanist and sound engineer, students develop both presentation and team-working skills.
Subject-specific Skills:
  • Students will gain an understanding of the expressive breadth/depth required for a recorded performance project
  • Students will develop a critical ear
  • Students will gain an advanced measure of personal expression and creativity in practical music making.
Key Skills:
  • The ability to listen and judge critically
  • The ability to think through sound and articulate ideas in performance

Modes of Teaching, Learning and Assessment and how these contribute to the learning outcomes of the module

  • Individual/group tutorials; individual lessons

Teaching Methods and Learning Hours

Activity Number Frequency Duration Total/Hours
Individual tutorials 5 /5/0 30 minutes 2.5
Lectures/Seminars 8 0/3(lectures x 1hr) 3 (seminars x 2 hours)/0 1 hour 9
Recording 3 0/3/0 1 hour 3
Individual instrumental 14 Divided over terms 1 and 2 1 hour 14
Preparation and Reading 171.5

Summative Assessment

Component: CD Component Weighting: 100%
Element Length / duration Element Weighting Resit Opportunity
Recording project at the end of Term 2, resulting in a CD of a student performance to be submitted at the start of term 3. This project will include a 30-minute CD, written sleeve notes, and a 1500 word essay, contextualising the chosen programme from a performance-based angle 100% No

Formative Assessment:

Recording project early in Term 2.

Attendance at all activities marked with this symbol will be monitored. Students who fail to attend these activities, or to complete the summative or formative assessment specified above, will be subject to the procedures defined in the University's General Regulation V, and may be required to leave the University