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Programme and Module Handbook

Undergraduate Programme and Module Handbook 2022-2023 (archived)

Module SPAN1072: Spanish Language 1B

Department: Modern Languages and Cultures (Spanish)

SPAN1072: Spanish Language 1B

Type Open Level 1 Credits 40 Availability Available in 2022/23 Module Cap Location Durham


  • Grade B or above A-level in a modern foreign language.


  • None.

Excluded Combination of Modules

  • Spanish Language 1A (SPAN1011); any MLAN or MLAS-coded Spanish Language modules


  • To establish a sound basis of grammatical knowledge of the Spanish language, to develop communication skills in spoken and written Spanish.
  • Students are expected to reach a level equivalent to that of A-level by the end of the first year.


  • Discussion and practice of grammatical structures.
  • Speaking and listening practice in small groups.
  • Students will also be expected to make use of audio materials provided by the Department.
  • The teaching and resources in this module reflect a commitment to linguistic and cultural diversity. It positions the richness of the (language area)-speaking world at the core of its syllabus.

Learning Outcomes

Subject-specific Knowledge:
  • a grasp of the basic topics of Spanish grammar covered and are able to put these basic principles to use accurately in grammatical exercises and other more free-style forms of written work;
  • a basic vocabulary based upon the topics covered;
Subject-specific Skills:
  • By the end of the course students will be expected to demonstrate that they:
  • are able to conduct a basic conversation in Spanish which is reasonably fluent and accurate;
  • have acquired basic listening and reading in skills in the Spanish language.
Key Skills:
  • The development of general written and oral communication skills.
  • The ability to gather and process information and evidence from a range of sources.

Modes of Teaching, Learning and Assessment and how these contribute to the learning outcomes of the module

  • Classes for this module are held five times a week. One hour per week the general class, is dedicated to grammar and is conducted in English and one-hour per week engaging in grammar practice. The remaining three class hours each week are called practica classes and consist primarily of oral practice. The format of the practica classes varies according to the area of language being worked on, but there will be a lot of talking: by the student.
  • As they form an important learning tool, the student is expected to attend all classes. In addition to the five compulsory class hours, students are expected to spend up to 8 hours per week devoted to independent study which takes the form of preparation for class, exercises from the website that accompanies 'Campus Sur', revision and class follow-up, and short pieces of written work to be submitted an corrected.
  • Summative assessment of reading/writing and aural comprehension skills and of grammatical knowledge will take the form of end-of-year examinations.
  • Oral skills will be summatively assessed by means of activities carried out in class during the year, including group work.
  • Formative assessment for this module will include a combination of self-assessed, peer-assessed and tutor-assessed exercises during the year.

Teaching Methods and Learning Hours

Activity Number Frequency Duration Total/Hours
Grammar Classes 21 1 per week 1 hour 21
Language Classes 63 3 per week 1 hour 63
Grammar practice 21 1 per week 1 hour 21
Preparation and Reading 295
Total SLAT hours 400

Summative Assessment

Component: In-class written assessment Component Weighting: 70%
Element Length / duration Element Weighting Resit Opportunity
Reading comprehension, grammar and writing skills tests 2 hours 100% Yes
Component: In-class oral and listening comprehension assessment Component Weighting: 25%
Element Length / duration Element Weighting Resit Opportunity
Continuous assessment of oral and listening comprehension skills 100% Yes - 10-minute oral examination
Component: In-class participation Component Weighting: 5%
Element Length / duration Element Weighting Resit Opportunity
In-class participation 100% No

Formative Assessment:

Regular written assignments/oral practice.

Attendance at all activities marked with this symbol will be monitored. Students who fail to attend these activities, or to complete the summative or formative assessment specified above, will be subject to the procedures defined in the University's General Regulation V, and may be required to leave the University